Set in the United States and India, STILL is a “global catastrophe” space based, sci-fi drama/thriller.


The day America wakes up to darkness and India and China do not see nightfall.


The clocks have stopped ticking.

Time  has  stood  STILL.

Governments across the world struggle to control international panic as a space-related event brings the Earth’s rotation to a grinding halt.


The only solution - a "savior" mission from NASA and United States Space Force (USSF) - America's newest military branch set up in 2020.


The only saviors - USSF pilots Cdr. SHANE SHERIDAN and Lt. Cdr. ANAND KAPOOR, both decorated for their exceptional aviation skills.

Shane, an Irish-American ex-Navy fighter pilot, is struggling to hold his sanity and marriage together with his wife - CHANDNI SHERIDAN - after the recent accidental death of one of their two children.


The only element the broken couple have in common is their other child SHONA, who is five years old and has a severe chronic illness.

Without sunlight, she dies.

Anand, an ex- Marine Corps fighter pilot is newly wed - married to ASHLEY KAPOOR, the love of his life. They are expecting their first child. Anand is also Chandni's cousin - and the reason Shane and Chandni met in Pensacola many years ago. 

All life is in jeopardy as the Earth deals with the physical and climactic fallouts of this catastrophe. Against a ticking clock, which has stopped ticking, world leaders scramble for a solution as SHANE and ANAND ready for the mission that might save the world, but potentially cost them their own lives.


As world leaders brace for this ingenious mission that involves the joint effort of multiple countries, CHANDNI joins millions around the world... by choosing the route of prayer.


Science or Faith - will either work in time to save the world?

If so, which one?

And will it be too late to save mankind?

And Shona...

© 2020 Uniglobe Entertainment, LLC
All rights reserved.

© 2020 Uniglobe Entertainment, LLC.  All rights reserved.